September 20, 2018
Unlike many investment advisors, Michele Kief believes strongly in living for the now, even as they plan well for the future. That perspective makes her different and it gives her a unique ability to make informed investment decisions on her clients’ behalf that meets their own unique needs. Michele is herself an avid traveler, who enjoys heading away to exotic places, Michele likes to show her clients how they can travel and save money now, while also planning for their “golden years.”

Because Michele Kief believes in helping clients achieve their financial goals, she strives to provide superior client service. In any kind of public service business, it is enormously important that an excellent and productive client relationship is developed. With her experience and her access to a wide variety of unusual resources, however, you might find that Michele Kief’s approach to client service is a bit less typical than most. She always helps clients make the best investment decisions that meet their own unique, very personal needs.